Develop it yourself

Develop it yourself

With Test IT Online you can easily create a test, e-learning modules, educative games and surveys yourself. You can develop as many modules as you want. When finished you can easily invite the participants.

If you have a license in Test IT Online you can view different instructional videos to help you on your way. With a license you also have access to existing modules. You can copy these modules to your own account and adjust them, so that you can target your specific purpose, project, training or customer. For example, you have access to the library of 'Employee of the 21st century', which contains various e-learning modules, tests and EduGames. One of the available e-learning modules is Protection of information and privacy within organizations.

As you start working on the development of different modules, you will notice that you have a choice of different settings and various items and question types.

Curious what Test IT Online can do for you? Register for a free license and get started right away!



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